Notes from Management


4.23.18   Recall on Kidde smoke/carbon monoxide/detector.

One of the Homeowners informed our office today that there was a recall on the detectors they have in their home (which they confirmed several neighbors have as well).   We are passing this information along in the event that other Homeowners have these detectors as well.

7.25.17- Please see the Community Information tab for the results of the 2017 poll. 

7.14.17- Several weeks ago the project began to lower the lakes in the community as discussed at the last development meeting.  You will now begin to see the water drop in all of the lagoons that are connected to the outfall; the goal is to drop the lakes around 12 inches to allow for more water retention during high rainfall.



















1.4.17- Dead Fish- We received a few complaints about a couple of dead fish in the lakes, so I wanted to post the information for those who did not contact our office.  On 12/30/2016 our pond contractor came out and removed 8 dead grass carp from the community lakes.  Here is an explanation as to why this may have happened: 

When the weather is warm in the summer, ponds become stratified into two layers.  The top 3-4 feet is an oxygen rich warm layer, while the bottom layer is cool and basically depleted of oxygen.  As we go into fall and the water begins to cool, these layers begin to mix, and one uniform body of water is formed by winter.  The weather has been so unpredictable this winter that the thorough mixing of these layers has not occurred.  Because of this inconsistent mixing, pockets of oxygen poor water form and fish kills may occur. This is referred to as "pond turnover".  It is a very natural process that all ponds will experience at some point.

12.7.16 Front Gate- The front gate was removed to install/weld replacement hinges to alleviate the loud noises coming from the gate each time it opens/closes.  The gate has been reinstalled by the fabricator and we were able to get the power restored this morning.  There is still and adjustment that needs to be made on one side for it to open and close all the way.   The gate tech has been called and it will repaired 12/8/2016.


 8.1.16- LANDSCAPING.  The landscaping at the circle was installed and upgraded prior to the installation of the new landscaping.  Unfortunately there were several issues at the well which controls and circle and the irrigated areas of Tahoe.  Water was entering the outlet and causing the well to trip and not run for the normal schedule, the outlet was lifted which temporarily solved the problem.   Unfortunately the meter stand had to be relocated which required GA power unhooking the meter, the meter stand being raised, the meter stand then had to be inspected by City of Pooler, then inspected by GA power prior to them scheduling the meter to be reinstalled.  Unfortunately this was a lengthy process and resulted in the loss of a few bushes and some annuals.  The annual will be replaced multiple times per year; however since we are in between seasons they will not be replaced until fall.  We will remove any that are not salvageable and the others will be fertilized in hopes they will last another month or two, their typical life cycle. 

The well at the front entrance is also under repair and should be fixed by the end of the week.  We are experiencing a lot of hot weather with little rain so this has taken a toll on the landscape.  We wanted to provide and update as it has been a long grueling process.  Obviously we were hoping this process would be quick, unfortunately due to several issues outside of anyone’s control this was not the case.  We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.