Notes from Management

1.30.19- Estate Gate-  Estate Gate Owners: We have had a few owners that have had issues with their remotes on the second gate. We had the technician out today and he confirmed that the antenna for the 2nd gate is further away from the call box than the front gate. Therefore, if you have not replaced your battery on the remote in the last year or two or have a week signal from an in car button you are using, this would definitely cause this issue. He has made the antenna more visible and was able to test this with an owner that previously had this issue and now the remote is working. He is going to look for a more powerful antenna to increase the signal. If you are still having issues going forward, please contact the HOA office.

1.28.2019Update for Estate Gate: The Estate gate is repaired and should be back on regular schedule today.

4.23.18   Recall on Kidde smoke/carbon monoxide/detector.

One of the Homeowners informed our office today that there was a recall on the detectors they have in their home (which they confirmed several neighbors have as well).   We are passing this information along in the event that other Homeowners have these detectors as well.