Clubhouse Rental Form

We only allow one person per day to reserve the Amenity for a rental. No exception are made to this policy for any reason.

If you are interested in reserving the clubhouse you must do the following:

1. Contact Jamie at 354-7987 ( if you have any questions.  Your clubhouse date is set once it appears on the calendar, please see highlighted information below:

2.  Complete the Clubhouse Rental Agreement which can be found on the link below.  Rental Agreement and checks must be received by our office staff in order to reserve the Clubhouse. Also 14 days prior notice must be given to cancel the event. 

3.  Submit two checks with your application made out to Forest Lakes POA:

     -Check 1- $200 non-refundable fee for exclusive clubhouse usage.  

     -Check 2- $200 refundable deposit.

4.  Mail the rental agreement and your checks to:

     Forest Lakes POA

     2702 Whatley Ave. Suite B-1

     Savannah, GA 31404

5. Clubhouse Address is 400 Forest Lake Drive.

6. Clubhouse rentals are limited to four (4) separate rentals per calendar year.

7.  The Clubhouse will not be rented on Saturdays, Sundays or any major holidays (May 1st - Sept 30th) during pool season in order to not inconvenience our owners wishing to use the pool/parking.

8. We do ask that reservations are made at least 14 days in advance from the date you wish to reserve it.

Reservations must be made for Homeowners planning an event.  Exclusive use of the clubhouse does not include the fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, bathrooms, of the hallway outside of the great room.  The clubhouse may be used for casual use whenever it is not reserved, but will remain open to all homeowners during this time. 

Clubhouse rental form

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