Community Contacts- Forest Lakes Homes


This page is for the detached family homes, please see "Contacts- The Retreat" if you live in a townhome.

Community Association Management:
Landmark 24 LLC
2702 Whatley Ave. Suite B-1
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: 912-354-7987
Fax: 912-354-5322

Builder Contacts:
Landmark 24 Homes of Georiga: 912-925-3440
Synergy Homes: 912-352-0134
Regal Homes: 912-656-3203
Faircloth: 912-660-0050

Gate & Amenity Center Emergency Contact Number:

This number is for emergencies ONLY. Life threatening emergencies or reports of trespassing should be directed immediately to 911.

An emergency that can be directed to this phone number includes flooding inside the amenity, day-of-rental issues such as access, loss of power, or loss of water, or a contaminated pool. Any other issues, including access card issues should be directed to our regular phone number.

This number should not be used during our normal office hours.



Homeowners Association Elected Board Members:
Architectural Review Board:
T.C. Williams
Board Member:
Edward Bogan