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Helpful gate tips

Forest Lakes Gate tips:

1. If you purchased your home from a builder, you should have received two remotes at closing from the builder’s agent.

2. If you bought a home that was previously owned by another Homeowner, you should have received remotes at closing from the seller.

3. If you need to purchase replacement or additional remotes you may do so for $25.00 per remote. Make check payable to: Forest Lakes HOA and send to: Forest Lakes POA, 2702 Whatley Ave. Suite A-3, Savannah, GA 31404. Please make sure to note your name, address and what name/phone number you would like to accompany the remote in the gate. (You may have one name/number per remote; however you may choose to have fewer names listed in the gate than your number of remotes).

4. If your remote stops working you might want to try changing the battery before purchasing a new remote. These are available at Walmart or most places that sell batteries.

5. If you have contacted the POA office to have your phone number put in the gate, you may use your phone (home or cell phone) to allow people access to the gate. You will also notice beside your name there is a 4 digit code; this code can be used to access your name without scrolling. (Example if the code is 1234, when these numbers are entered on the keypad it will start calling your phone directly without a requirement to scroll). You may find it helpful to give this entry number to your pizza guy or delivery person, you will still need to answer their call and press 9 on your phone, but it could save them some confusion at the gate.

6. Access codes are NOT general, if you are using a code that is NOT your specific code it could be removed or changed at anytime without notice. Each Homeowner has a code or codes that are specific to their home only. These codes should ONLY be given to family members or people living in your home.

7. If you have a vehicle that allows you to program a garage door opener to your vehicle, you can likely also program your remote to your vehicle. Look at your vehicle user manual for instructions.

8. If you need assistance with your remotes, codes or phone numbers for either gate please contact the POA office. You can send an email to admin@ecoastalmgt.com or call 912-354-7987 and we will be happy to assist you with all of your questions.